the best restaurant dessert 11

Competition Rules

1. Competition rules

1. Entrants who in previous editions have been awarded any of the prizes in the categories existing in past editions may not take part in a new edition.
2. Recipes by any Espaisucre employee or by any of its students on the current course on the date for the submission of forms will not be accepted.
3. Recipes by any employee or demonstrator of the sponsor companies will not be accepted.
4. The cost of registration will be free
5. The organisers provide an e-mail address should entrants have any doubts:


1. 8 finalists (maximum) will be selected.
3 prizes will be awarded in the first edition:
- Best restaurant confectioner for 2007. Prize awarded by the jury to the best restaurant confectioner chosen from among the eight finalists (prize sponsored by CACAO BARRY).
- Best "respect for tradition" restaurant dessert
- Best "creative" restaurant dessert

2. The theme of the desserts submitted is completely free, and they must not appear on a restaurant menu. The possibility exists that the prize-winner is the same person in all the prizes. In subsequent years, the competition may be enlarged to include more categories.
3. Entrants will be allowed to submit up to 3 recipes, but only one will be entered for the final.
4. Entrants should submit the form provided by the organisers completed and typed, with the recipe(s) of their dish(es), stating in the heading the text of the dessert.
5. The form should be accompanied by two clear photographs of each dish in JPG format, the sample, as detailed an analysis as possible (themes, connections between the elements, taste references, arguments, thinking, tasting notes, conclusions, etc.) and the entrant’s CV with a recent photograph.
6. No change of recipe or of entrant will be permitted once the form and the CV have been submitted.
7. The deadline for the submission of recipes will be 15 September 2007.
8. There will be three ways of submitting the form(s):

- Post
Escuela Espaisucre
Ref. The best dessert of restaurant
c/Sant Pere mes alt 72
08003 Barcelona / Spain

- Hand delivery
The form may be delivered by hand at the same address as the above from Tuesday to Friday between 9 am and 3 pm

- By e-mail
Entrants must specify in the subject line of the e-mail: Recipe The best dessert of restaurant.
9. The organisers will reserve the right to decide the number of entrants deserving of a prize and will select a maximum of eight.


1. Entrants will have a maximum of four hours in which to complete the test.
2. The organisers will provide entrants with the raw materials described in the list given to interested parties.
3. Entrants may provide special raw materials not included in the above list, with the prior authorisation of the organisers.
4. Entrants may bring any production in which its preparation takes longer than 4 hours, with the prior authorisation of the organisers.
5. The use of non-edible materials is strictly prohibited.
6. Entrants must bring their own hand utensils (knives, whisks, moulds, mandolins, etc.). The organisers will provide the equipment included in the list given to interested parties.
7. The use of the crockery provided by the organisers will be compulsory (white dinner plate, white soup dish, white bowl). It will be possible to view a photo of the crockery on the Internet or in person at the facilities of the Escuela-Espaisucre (address given in Point 8 of the pre-selection).
8. The stewards, recognised professionals in the sector named by the organisers, will be responsible for scoring order, organisation and cleanliness in work. They will inform the jury at all times of the status of the test and will ensure its perfect progress. Prior to the start of the tests, the stewards, accompanied by one or more jury members, will inspect the material brought in by the entrants and will remove the elements that are not in line with the rules.


1. The jury will be made up of 10 leading professionals in the sector (confectioners, chefs and specialist press).
2. The order of presentation of the entrants will be made by draw on the day of the final. The organisers will inform the entrants of the rest of the timetables and specific details on the progress of the final with sufficient prior notice.
3. Under no circumstances will the jury know the identity of the person submitting the dish being tasted. Tasting will be completely anonymous.
4. The jury will taste all of the restaurant desserts and will examine them under the following criteria:
- Taste
- Techniques
- Integration of flavours – Presentation
- Aesthetics
- Concept / theme (details specified on the form submitted)
- Order and organisation in work
- Cleanliness
5. The jury will use decimals to avoid draws.
6. Under no circumstances will the jury consider the option of giving two prizes in the same category.
7. In the event of disagreement on any aspect related to the competition or due to circumstances not covered here, the final decision on them will be taken by mutual agreement between the jury and the organisers, in this case Espaisucre.


1. The entrants will dress as follows: Jacket and apron supplied by the organisers and blue chef’s trousers.
2. Entrants are absolutely forbidden to display any trademark on their clothing other than that of the competition’s sponsors.
3. Simply presenting the forms and recipes implies the acceptance by the entrants of all the rules established in these regulations, especially the obligation of all candidates and especially the winners to be available to the organisation and to attend the closing meetings and awards ceremony.
4. They also accept that for publicity purposes related to the competition, the organisers, in their capacity as the organising company of the 2007 version of the competition, has the legal right to the presentation, publication and dissemination of all the recipes submitted, and the publication and use of the image of the participants and/or of the images obtained during the final, without a right to any remuneration in their favour.
5. For publicity and promotional purposes connected with the competition, the winners will be contractually bound to the organisers for a period of two (2) years, assuming the commitment of allowing their personal details, images and voices to be used as proof of their prize in the media and ways that are available to the organisers, without the right to any compensation other than the prizes obtained.
6. The organisers reserve the right to create publicity with the image(s) of the participants and/or the recipe(s) and/or the dish(es) presented.
7. All the rights to all the recipes presented will remain the property of the organisers.
8. By registering, entrants accept the contents of these regulations.
9. Non-fulfilment of any of the rules established in these regulations, by any of the entrants, will lead to their instant disqualification.
10. The prizes awarded to the winners for their participation in the competition may not be exchanged for their cash value, nor may they be transferred to third parties.
11. The organisers reserve the right to amend any aspect related to this competition and to cancel it should circumstances so require.

2. Jury

Spanish confectioners/chefs
- Albert Adrià, Restaurante El Bulli, Roses
- Martín Berasategui, Restaurante Martín Berasategui, Lasarte-Oria, Gipuzkoa
- Paco Torreblanca, Pastelería Totel, Elda
- Oriol Balaguer, Estudi de xocolata OB, BCN -Tokyo
- Jordi Roca, Restaurante El Celler de can Roca, Girona
- Jordi Butrón, Escola-Restaurant de postres Espaisucre, BCN

- Pau Arenos, El Periódico de Catalunya, BCN
- Toni Massanés, La Vanguardia, BCN

Foreign confectioners/chefs
- Philippe Bertrand, France

3. Prize

Best restaurant confectioner of 2007 (Cacao Barry)
- A place (personal and non-transferable) on the annual restaurant desserts course at the Espaisucre School for the 2008/2009 course (prize valued at € 8,000).
- A place (personal and non-transferable) on a one-month stage in a restaurant of international prestige with all expenses paid, travel and accommodation (prize valued at € 4,000).
- A Sosa H1 ice cream machine.
- Large selection of cookery books contributed by the country’s leading publishers.

4. Complementary prizes

Best "Creative" restaurant dessert (Sponsor to be announced)
- Course at the prestigious Lenôtre School in Paris.
- Large selection of cookery books contributed by the country’s leading publishers.

Best "Respect for tradition" restaurant dessert (Sponsor to be announced)
- Course at the prestigious Lenôtre School in Paris.
- Large selection of cookery books contributed by the country’s leading publishers.

2007 tribute award.
Every year, a tribute award will be presented to the person whom the organisers believe to be significant in the development of restaurant confectionery.

5. Structure of the Competition, 1st edition

Competition + jury tasting + award ceremony dinner

The first edition will be held at the facilities of the Escuela Espaisucre school in Barcelona. The event will last a full day (29 October 2007). Entrants for the prize will have 4 hours in which to create the “mise en place” of their dish. They will work in the new facilities of the Escuela Espaisucre school, monitored by the stewards.

Jury tasting
At the time set by the organisers, each entrant will lay out and present a dish to each member of the jury accompanied by the form with the whys and wherefores, themes, references, etc. The jury will then taste and score the dish. This will be repeated according to the timetable established by the organisers, approximately 10/15 minutes per entrant.

Award ceremony dinner
The final verdict and the presentation of prizes will take place during the dinner offered by the Espaisucre team and will be held in the evening of the same day as the competition. The dinner will be attended exclusively by guests invited by the organisers:

- Competition participants
- Members of the jury
- Representatives of the collaborating brands
- Media
- International confectioners and chefs

At this same event, a tribute award will be presented every year to the person that the organisers believe to be significant due to their contribution to the dissemination and evolution of restaurant confectionery.