the best restaurant dessert 11


Carrot cake with coconut, orange and ginger

Intermediate dessert between the previous water and the more consistent flavours to follow. Based on the carrot + coconut pairing, accompanied by citrus and spicy notes.
Attempting to mark such a fragile flavour as carrot becomes a challenge.

Tea soup with citrus fruits and cardamom

Light, refreshing, juicy. With acid, mentholated and astringent hints.
Tea, fruits and spices in refreshing harmony.

Truffle + butter + hazelnut + cocoa

Flagship, well-rounded dessert (one of the 10 best dishes of 2006 in the vino+gastronomía magazine).
Daring exercise in which introducing the black truffle in a dessert restaurant is feasible thanks to the use of such confectionery notes as butter, hazelnut and cocoa, turning it into a surprisingly sweet-toothed dessert.

Cream of smoked tea with chocolate and yoghurt

The empyreumatic note taken to the extreme.
Chocolate + smoked tea join forces to create a seamless high roast marriage. The milky note and black sesame complement this unheard-of association.